KVM 1.2 libvirt 1.0.0 on centos 6.3

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Install deps

yum groupinstall Virtualization "Virtualization Client" "Virtualization Platform" "Virtualization Tools"
yum install gcc make libxml2-devel gnutls-devel device-mapper-devel python-devel libnl-devel
*yum install autoconf automake bison byacc flex gcc gcc-c++ gettext libpciaccess libpciaccess-devel libstdc++ libtool make ncurses-devel patch rpm-build
yum -y install glib2*

## If you want ceph, install ceph-devel from ceph.org repo ( http://ceph.com/docs/master/install/rpm/ )
yum install ceph-devel

  • Not sure this is needed.

Install QEMU (1.4.0)

Download latest source from: http://wiki.qemu.org/Download

./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

Install libvirt (1.0.3)

Download latest source from: http://libvirt.org/sources/

  • If you want ceph/rbd/librados support, remember to add --with-storage-rbd to the configure options.
wget http://libvirt.org/sources/libvirt-1.0.0.tar.gz
./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

Install QEMU-KVM (1.2.0)

Download latest source from: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Downloads

  • Remember --enable-rbd if you're building for ceph/librados
./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

Install newest kernel

3.6.8 currently.

Download from http://kernel.org unpack, setup, compile and install:

make menuconfig
make -j 8 && make -j 8 modules_install && make install

Switch bootloader default # if you want to boot from it

vim /boot/grub/grub.menu

check the new kernel is there and set DEFAULT=0 (default position of the new kernel entry)