Nginx mirror setup

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Setting up nginx

If you just want a small fast webserver, then on debian you can just install the light version:

aptitude install nginx-light

This comes with minimal set of core modules.

If you need more modules, like if you're behind a proxy of some sort (another nginx, lighttp, apache, squid or varnish) you'll probably want to be able to read the X-Forwarded-For IP and substitute with that in logfiles.

Luckily that's really easy in nginx although you need the full suite of modules.. so:

aptitude install nginx-full

Setting up directory listing

If you want directory listing, be sure to include this in your virtual host file:

        autoindex on;

Setting up substituting X-Forwarded-For IP

Be sure to include this in your virtual host:

        real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;

Of course substitute the above IP with the correct one (the proxy) and you're good to go.

Test settings

Test with

nginx -t