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I am a very committed person who has an incredible curiosity with everything IT-related - whether it being technical, philosophical, humanistic, legal or thinking outside the box.

I've been around a lot of platforms and worked as a user, developer, consultant and administrator. Combined it has given me a unique insight into the general use of IT, and has often helped me both to understand the problems, get ahead of them and be able to switch between them.

I have previously been self-employed for a number of years (hardware sales/custom application development for Windows) and am familiar with the full spectrum of business understanding. Many of the applications that I have helped to develop has required knowledge and understanding of financial management.

My big interest and hobby is on the system-administration side coupled with automation (saltstack), CI/CD deployments, scalability and high availability.

Lately my focus has mostly been on CI/CD with gitlab (gitlab runners) automating deployments using Terraform for OpenStack, AWS or GCP.

My deployment platform of choosing is gitlab runners deploying to Kubernetes (GCP or onprem) using Helm sprinkled with Saltstack where applicapable.


I hold a Bachelor in Science, Software Engineering



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Professional life

I have been widely used as an [internal] consultant to find problems / solutions and generally used for sparring in all layers / aspects of the companies I've worked in.

For my earlier (and current) work experience, there is a link to linkedin at the end of this page.

As a developer I've worked with several languages (c, c#, c++, perl, python, php, ruby, java) across many projects of different scope.

Family and sparetime

Family-wise, I have a wife and three children (3x boys). In my free time I like to bike & experiment with new technologies.

I am lucky to have a good fiber connection @ home and runs various mirrors for open source projects. It is often here I test a new idea (gfs, hadoop, kubernetes, failover / clusters, ceph) - before I start to implement in testing and finally to implement in production.

I relax the best by reading/researching new technologies/areas and generally just testing myself with various scenarios.

Contact info

Name: Martin B. Nielsen
Location: Denmark
Email: martin _at_

Links / more info

Media Link
IRC Find me as user Zethrok on these networks: OFTC, EFNet, Freenode, Mozilla