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SVN merge branch

Get branch first revision

Goto the branch directory and get the start of the branch revision:

svn log --stop-on-copy

Remember the branching start number, this is your startrev; we'll call it XXXX

Merge branch into trunk

Make sure your trunk is trunk is up-to-date, goto trunk dir and do:

svn up

Keep a note of the " at revision YYYY", you have to use this later.

Then merge branch in by doing (using XXXX from first branch revision and YYYY from the latest svn status):

svn merge -rXXXX:YYYY /svn/site/branch/bubba

Verify everything is ok, fix conflicts etc, then commit

svn ci -m "Merged branch branch_name rXXXX:YYYY"

You've merged your branch into the trunk now.

This small howto does not take into account that your trunk and branch is possible out-of-sync codewise, so you need to keep that up-to-date first!


Just for personal use, if you need to create a tag from a trunk

svn copy Trunk Tags/1.0.2
svn ci -m "Created tag 1.0.2 from Trunk"