World of Warcraft - Linux (wowace) autoupdater

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First off, download the perl script (~3k source code). You can grab it from here:

Subversion page

Setup file

Just edit the file and make sure the settings fits you.

In particular you should make sure the path to your addon directory is correctly set, and you have to specify a place where it downloads and temporarily puts the addons before it extracts them to the addon directory.

These settings are located in the top of the script and the defaults are:

[ ... ]
my $sPathToAddons = '/home/<USERNAME>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns';
my $sPathToSaveNewAddons = '/tmp';
my $iDebug = 0; # Set to 1 if you want to see some outpu
[ ... ]

<USERNAME> is _not_ a variable - it might be in a later version, but for now substitute it with your real username (or wherever your wow installation is)

Perl modules needed

You will need LWP::Simple . On most systems this should come with the libwww-perl module (or equivalent)